Positive Pregnancy Test. Did Your Pregnancy Test Display Positive Results?

positive pregnancy test

Positive Pregnancy Test ? Did Your Pregnancy Test Display Positive Results?

If you have a positive pregnancy test, the next step is to visit your doctor to confirm that you are indeed pregnant. Depending on outside influences, such as taking certain medications, you could get a false-positive test result. In the event you are expecting, the sooner you see a doctor the sooner you can get positive pregnancy test pictures and begin a healthy prenatal regimen.

Are You Pregnant? 

With a wide range of home pregnancy tests on the market, a woman can find out if she’s expecting as early as the first day of a missed period, with up to 99% accuracy. To get the most accurate reading from a pregnancy test, there are some things you need to consider such as:

  • how they work
  • the best time to use one
  • factors that can affect the results.

How Pregnancy Tests Work

Home pregnancy tests are designed to detect the presence of the pregnancy hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in a woman’s urine. Only when a woman’s fertilized egg is implanted in her uterus, is hCG is produced. In a small percentage of women, this can happen one day after a missed period. However, the implantation of the egg usually occurs about 10 days after fertilization. For this reason, some women can get a positive reading from their home pregnancy tests as early as one day after their period was missed.

Since the levels of hCG double every 48 hours, the longer you wait after you miss your period to take the test, the more accurate it will be. But, there are many pregnancy tests on the market that are extra sensitive to the presence of hCG, enabling women to find out earlier and earlier. Most home pregnancy tests will have a number on the side of the box that indicates its hCG sensitivity. The lower this number is, the more sensitive the test will be. If your test’s sensitivity is 10 mIU/ml, then it will be able to determine pregnancy sooner than one with a sensitivity of 25 mIU/ml.

Pregnancy Test Positive

Positive Pregnancy Test

Every brand of pregnancy test uses its own method for telling you that you’re pregnant. Some use symbols, such as plus or minus signs, or single lines and double lines. While others use the actual words “pregnant” and “not pregnant.” Please visit our photos gallery to see different examples of positive pregnancy test.

Most pregnancy tests add a “control indicator” within the result window. This is added by the manufacturer to indicate to the user whether the test is working. If there is no line or symbol present before taking the test, the test is not working and should be discarded.

The results do not have to be as dark in color as the control indicator for a positive reading. As long as there is the positive symbol or word, the user can assume she is pregnant.

Pregnancy Test Negative

Just because the test indicates a negative result, does not mean it is necessarily the case. If a negative result appears, it is wise to wait a few days to allow the production of more hCG, and then take the test again to be sure you are not pregnant. A negative result could also be due to a miscalculation of your menstrual cycle.

If, you still get a negative reading after waiting until you are sure you’re past the date your period should have started, you can visit your doctor and take a blood test for the most accurate result.

Faint Positive Pregnancy Test

Faint Positive Pregnancy Test

Even the faintest reading should be considered reliable. A faint line on pregnancy tests usually indicates low levels of hCG, meaning the pregnancy is in its earliest stages.

A pregnancy test faint line is different than a “shadow” line, which cannot be seen if the test is held an arm’s length away. If there is any uncertainty about whether the line is a shadow, or faint, administer the test again the next day. Please visit our gallery for Faint Positive Pregnancy Test Pictures.

Pregnancy Test Tips

Here are a few tips to get the most accurate pregnancy test results:

  • Follow the instructions as they are written on the test you have chosen. Waiting times vary with each brand of test, so never assume to know the amount of time between when the test is taken, and when the results appear.
  • To get the strongest reading, it is best to use the first morning’s urine, since this is when the concentration of hCG is at its highest.
  • Don’t drink alot of fluids before taking the test, as this may cause hCG to become diluted.
  • Check with your doctor if you are taking any fertility medications, as these can affect the results of pregnancy testing.

Today, it’s never been easier, or faster, to find out if you’re pregnant. The most reliable results can be achieved by choosing a brand with the sensitivity you’re looking for, following the instructions accurately and discussing with your doctor any medications that could interfere with the outcome. Whether positive pregnancy test or negative pregnancy test, a pregnancy test will help you find out if there’s a baby on the way or not.