Negative Pregnancy Test

negative pregnancy test

Negative Pregnancy Test – Can a Pregnancy Test Be Wrong?

You miss your period.  You take a home pregnancy test to determine whether or not you are pregnant.  The test comes out negative (check our gallery to see examples of negative pregnancy test).  Does a negative pregnancy test mean that you are, without any doubt, not pregnant?

There is such a thing as a false negative pregnancy test. The pregnancy test comes out negative while you are in fact pregnant.

Reasons for Getting a False Negative Pregnancy Test

There are several reasons for a false missed period negative pregnancy test.

negative pregnancy test

  • Taking the test too early

When a fertilized egg is implanted in your uterus, your body produces human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG as it is more popularly and conveniently referred to. Your body only produces this hormone when you are pregnant.  The production of this hormone, however, generally takes place about six days after the sperm and egg merge.  This means that, even if the egg and sperm have indeed merged – leading to conception or pregnancy — your body may not yet be in the state of hCG production when you take the test too early.  Without this hormone (or if the concentration is not significantly heavy enough due to taking the home pregnancy test too early), you will get a false late period negative pregnancy test, an imprecise result.

  • Using diluted urine as sample for the missed period negative pregnancy test

If you drink too much water just before you get a sample of your urine to use for the pregnancy test, the urine you will be testing may be too diluted and thus have decreased levels of hCG.  Results may be inaccurate, indicating a false negative pregnancy test.

  • Failing to follow instructions carefully

Not following the instructions included in the kit is likely to lead to inaccurate results.  Your home pregnancy test will include instructions regarding how to go about taking the test, as well as how much time to take to do certain things or to wait for results.  Not heeding these instructions may lead to inaccurate missed period negative pregnancy test.

  • Using a home pregnancy test that is not very sensitive

Home pregnancy tests are not all alike.  You have several options ranging from using test strips to midstream tests to digital tests. These tests may likewise differ in how sensitive they are to detecting the hCG present in the urine.  Some are so highly and sensitively calibrated that they are able to detect even a miniscule amount of hCG in the urine sample. Others are only able to detect the presence of the hormone if it is present in higher amounts. An insensitive test may result in a false negative pregnancy test.

Things to Do to Avoid a False Negative Pregnancy Test

Considering all these reasons for a false negative pregnancy test, what can you do to avoid inaccurate results?

  • Take the test at the right time

Doctors do not recommend that you take a home pregnancy test immediately the day after you expect your period to come.  Doing so is likely to result in a false negative pregnancy test.  When you miss a period, wait for a week before taking a late period negative pregnancy test.  The hCG levels in your urine is apt to be heavier at this time – more likely to be easily detected by the pregnancy test.  Results are more inclined to be accurate as compared to results of a pregnancy test taken too early.

  • Get a good urine sample

Avoid diluted urine.  Do not drink too much water prior to taking the test.  Better yet, take the test first thing in the morning when your urine has the most concentrated levels of hCG. When you do this, you avoid the probability of getting an erroneous late period negative pregnancy test.

  • Follow instructions carefully

It is important to read the instructions conscientiously and follow them carefully so that your test will register accurate results.  Use the paraphernalia as instructed taking care especially to follow the directions regarding time. Do not check the results before the stated waiting time has elapsed. Some tests suggest that you use a timer to ensure that you keep time accurately. Do not give in to the temptation to check the results immediately.  Doing so is highly likely to give you a false negative pregnancy test outcome.

  • Choose a good home pregnancy test

When you look around for a home pregnancy test to purchase, read the details carefully.  Opt for one that is highly sensitive, able to detect even just a small amount of hCG in the urine sample. To make sure which test is right for you check TOP 7 BEST HOME PREGNANCY TESTS.

What to Do if You Continue to get a Negative Pregnancy Test

If you have taken all the necessary precautions to get accurate results and still continue to get a negative pregnancy test and miss your period, what should you do?

The best thing to do is to consult with your doctor.  There are reasons other than pregnancy which may result in a missed period. Among these are physical ailments, too much rigorous exercise, abrupt loss of weight, hormonal imbalance, and anxiety.  If the missed period is due to any of these, your doctor can help you address the issue to put your menstrual cycle right.

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