4 Clearblue Pregnancy Tests. Which One is Right for You?


Clearblue pregnancy tests are getting recognition for good reason. Clear blue tests are able to not only detect HCG, but also measure the levels of HCG to get an early estimation since ovulation. All of the Clearblue tests are 99% accurate when taken the day of your missed period, but that’s not it. They can even detect HCG levels up to 5 days earlier than your missed period. However, each test is different and has different technology. Read more below about which Clearblue home pregnancy test is right for you.

Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test with Weeks Estimator

Clearblue Advanced

Photo credit: Amazon.com

This Clearblue home pregnancy is beyond unique. This is the first and only home pregnancy test on the market that can tell you if you are pregnant AND estimate how many weeks since ovulation. With this test you use two separate testing strips with the week’s estimator to tell you how many weeks since ovulation (1-2, 2-3, 3 weeks). The results are displayed digitally and use words and numbers instead of lines for no confusion. It is important to remember the ‘Weeks Estimator’ is supposed to be an estimate and should not be viewed as a clinical diagnosis. This test can be purchased from $13-$16 in store, however you can find it at a discounted price of around $14 here.

Clearblue Digital

Clearblue Digital

Photo credit: Clearblue.com

Misreading pregnancy tests is all too common, especially when a faint line appears or you second guess that one line. The Clearblue Digital pregnancy test has cleared that confusion. Clearblue Digital is sensitive enough to create results 4 days sooner than you missed period. Results in the form of line are a thing of the past as this Clearblue test simply reads ‘Pregnant’ or ‘Not Pregnant’. A no-second-guessing type of test all women strive for. This test can be purchased from $12-$16 depending on how many tests are included. However, you can find it here for around $14.

Clearblue PLUS

Clearblue Plus

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New features have been applied to the Clearblue Plus:

  • Wider Tip for better testing experience
  • Clearer Results in negative (not-pregnant) and plus (pregnant) signs
  • Ergonomically re-designed for easier use

The Clearblue PLUS is a home pregnancy test that is the most basic that Clear blue offers. Women can choose this test for a cheaper price, but can still trust the results. You can find a package of two tests for around $9-$12 in store. You can purchase it here for a great price around $7.

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown

Clearblue Digital Countdown

Photo credit : Clearblueeasy.com

Taking a pregnancy test is not only nerve-racking but the minutes you have to wait for the results can feel like hours. Clearblue has once again fixed this issue by creating a home pregnancy test that reassures you its working by counting down the results. The technology behind this test is beyond a Smart Countdown. The results are displayed in words on the display window and the flood guard technology on the testing strip prevents any urine damaging the device.

Similar to most home pregnancy test results are shown after three minutes of urinating on the strip. To ensure it is working an hourglass symbol will flash. Results will show in the display window as ‘Pregnant’ or ‘Not Pregnant’. Because of the advanced technology with this test you are going to be spending around $17-$20. You can find it for a great price around $14 here.